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Faster data entry, reports, and customization

- Major Features -

Business Intelligence

What To Expect


Print standard reports or make your own reports in MS Word and MS Excel from Datasources. Customize as many dashboards as you need with charts.

Best Features


What To Expect


Do transactions with auto generated accounting entries in previous, current and future years. Easily reverse or adjust a transaction at any time.

Best Features

  • 92% automatic accounting entries.
  • See accounting entries before posting.
  • Percentage based automatic distribution of accounting entries.
  • Automatic inter branch and company accounting entries.
  • Post to previous, current, and future years.
  • Post to adjustment periods.
  • Post a transaction with a specified period reversal.
  • Reverse any transaction.
  • Transact in any currency.
  • Auto generated exchange rate gain and loss.
  • Receive posting and reverse notifications from inside the program or by email.
  • Create and customize any report with BI Designers.

H.R. Payroll

What To Expect


Track your employees' advances, liquidations, accruals, benefits, attendance and leaves. Get standard costs and balances in real time and assign in projects.

Best Features

  • Time Attendance
  • Auto Payroll Calculation of
    • Earnings such as Basic pay, OT, Allowances
    • Deductions such as Advances, Contributions
  • Withholding Tax and Annualized Withholding Tax.
  • Advances, Business Trips, & Liquidation.
  • Leaves, Vacations & Terminations.
  • Accrual Adjustments.
  • Statement of account, accrual balances, cost project allocation.
  • Auto generated accounting entries and reports.
  • Create and customize any report with BI Designers.

Taxation & Contributions

What To Expect


Build your own tax rules and auto record taxes or contributions. Consolidate tax records in a clearing transaction and pay.

Best Features

  • Automatic calculations of business & compensations taxes, dues, employer and employee contributions.
  • Customized tax and contribution rules based on country requirements.
  • Consolidate every tax and contribution records in a single tax clearing transaction.
  • Use the same AR/AP transactions of offsets and payments for government authorities.
  • Use the same statement of account, and aging reports from AR/AP.
  • Create and customize any report with BI Designers.

Supply Chain

What To Expect


Respond to a customer request and build or request from a supplier. Schedule and deliver via forwarders or company vehicles.

Best Features

Create and track the following:

  • For Sales (SO)
    • Request For Quotation From Customer (RFQC).
    • SO Quotation, SO Confirmation.
    • SO Delivery, SO Return.
    • SO Invoice, SO Debit Note, SO Credit Note.
    • SO Acknowledgment.
  • For Procurement (PO)
    • PO Requisition, PO Confirmation.
    • Request For Quotation From Supplier (RFQS).
    • PO Goods Receipt, PO Return.
    • PO Invoice, PO Debit Note, PO Credit Note.
    • PO Add Cost.
  • Convert or extract supply chain documents for faster data entry.
  • Create and customize any report with BI Designers.


Inventory & Warehouse

What To Expect


Request, Receive, Ship, Return, Adjust, Issue, Transfer, Assemble, and Disassemble Items. Make BOM then adjust, build, and store.

Best Features

  • Receive, ship, return items without the supply chain cycle.
  • Transfer items from a branch and warehouse to another location.
  • Adjust the standard, user defined, and moving average costs.
  • Perform physical count.
  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Assemble and disassemble from Bill of Materials.
  • Store items in Lot, Rack, Shelf, Aisle, and Area.
  • Issue items' "From" and "To" Expense
  • Create and customize any report with BI Designers.

Fixed Asset

What To Expect


Acquire, transfer, depreciate, dispose, and assign assets to projects. Depreciate to future years and auto reverse future depreciation on upon disposal.

Best Features

  • Make acquisitions from inventory and supply chain transactions.
  • Make a complete depreciation until the end of useful life.
  • Dispose and auto reverse future depreciation.
  • Transfer on multiple branch/company and locations.
  • Get real time standard cost and assign to projects.
  • Create and customize any report with BI Designers.

Cash, Banks, Credit Facilities & Capital

What To Expect


Collect, pay, transfer, write cheques, do cash fund replenishment and bank reconciliations on time. Do investor subscriptions, issue dividends, and monitor balances.

Best Features

1. Easy setup of the following:

  • Bank Profile - Bank Name, Account Number, IBAN, Swift, Bank Address, Account Name and Address
  • Cash Fund Profile - Fund Name, Value and Custodian
  • Charge codes and common names for easy usage
  • Capital Stock details and Investors Profile
  • Currency Profile, Type and Rates (to update always)
  • Credit Facility Agreement of Bank
    • Overdraft
    • Letter of Credit
    • Letter of Guarantee
    • Short Term Loan
    • Long Term Loan 

2. Quick Payment and Collection are done in

  • Cash Funds re: Petty Cash, Revolving, Un-deposited Collection, Payroll or Special Fund
  •  Bank Check/Draft or Bank to Bank Transfer from/to Company Bank Account, Letter of Credit or Overdraft Facility

3. Release Payment Option to Remove Custodian Responsibility

4. Easy Bank Reconciliation can be done even everyday or anytime

5. Fast Fund Replenishment

6. Revalue Bank or Fund Balances in Foreign Currencies

7. Reverse Wrong Posted Payment or Collection Transaction


Important Notes:

  1. All are in the Treasury Modules except those related to the Bank Credit Facility Modules.
  2. Collections and Payments here are not connected to Supplier or Customer or Employee, only to Investors and miscellaneous transactions apply. Supplier and Customer are in the AR/AP Modules while for Employee is in the HR Payroll Modules



What To Expect


Record expenses to a project code from every transaction and charge to company or bill to customer/supplier. Print real time project expense balances and status.

Best Features

Make a project either for the company or customer

Enters and gathers data by

  • Contract
  • Project
  • Phase
  • Activity
  • Task

Feature to provide status on:

  • Cost and Reimbursibles
  • Bills to Customers
  • Bills from Suppliers
  • Employee Advances and Liquidations
  • Miscellaneous Payments
  • Material Movements
  • Procurement
  • Manpower
  • Statement of Position
  • Income and Expense
  • Cash Position

Create and customize any report with BI Designers.

Logistics & Containers

What To Expect


Track your waybills, drivers, vehicles, and containers. Bill your customers based on incurred expenses w/ mark-up or price lists.

Best Features

  • Use H.R. Employees and contract drivers.
  • Make an E.I.R., WayBill, and Shipment Manifest Request.
  • Record the container details, shipping line, airline, or inland carrier.
  • Record the shipper, agent, And consignee addresses.
  • Track and store containers in warehouse.
  • Record the truck waybill details.
  • Record employee allowances and link to H.R .Payroll.
  • Consolidate costs in a single Waybill Cost transaction.
  • Bill customers based on shipping points and price list.
  • Create and customize any report with BI Designers.

Unified Customer/Supplier

What To Expect


Offset or Apply mixed sets of AR/AP open documents in one transaction. Pay/Collect a transaction on behalf of another Customer/Supplier.

Best Features

  • One (1) code for a company as a Customer/Supplier (C/S).
  • Offset or apply payables and receivables in a payment or a collection.
  • Offset or apply payables and receivables on an Apply Document transaction.
  • Offset or apply payables and receivables on invoices, debit notes, and credit notes.
  • Transfer an open document from one C/S to another.
  • Write-off  an open document.
  • Create sales commission documents.
  • Create and customize any report with BI Designers.

Document Approvals

What To Expect


 Approve/Reject or make changes to approved transactions. Receive notifications from inside the program or by email.

Best Features

  • Customize approval steps and assign to programs per branch/company.
  • Use the Datasource Designer to create and validate approval conditions.
  • Create Approval Groups for users.
  • Make changes to approved/rejected documents and resubmit for approval.
  • Receive notifications from inside the program and by email.

- Support Features -

Recent & Shortcuts


Easily switch to your tasks with the recent program history. Make shortcuts of your favorite programs to switch even faster. 



Customized workflows helps enforce your companys' work process standards.

Global Search


Search every recorded documents, standard and custom reports, and installed programs.

Notifications & Messaging


Chat with your co users and send emoji. Receive every system notifications from inside the program or by email.

Reversal Transactions


Completely reverse every transaction and post on a valid and open period.

Helper Programs


Make faster data entry of transactions or a batch of transactions with helper programs such as H.R. Payroll Batch Run, G.L.  J.V. Batch Copy, and many more.

File Attachments


Attach any number files in any program.

Range Import


Import masterfiles and transactions from a spreadsheet file.

Export Masterfiles


Export masterfiles and transactions to a spreadsheet file.

Document Notes


Write any number of notes in any program.

Copy Documents


Copy open, reversed and posted documents.

Online Payments


Receive online payments via Payment Processors such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, 2checkout, and more.

Range Recompute


Recompute document/s that have been affected by any changes in settings.

Range Delete


Delete document/s safely in range.

SMS Integration


Communicate with the ERP through simple text messages.

- Data Security -

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)


We use the same encryption technology implemented by banks. SSL ensures that all data passed between our servers and your browser remain private and integral.

Microsoft Azure Firewall


Our service is protected by many firewalls run by the best engineers of the security industry. We manage this feature for you as part of the package.

Geofence Lock


We are able to greatly minimize data breaches and leaks by allowing you to specify which I.P. Addresses, Country, and Geolocation are allowed to connect. This feature is able to restrict access only from inside your companys' boundaries.

Identity Based Security & Invitations


A session key is an absolute requirement in any connection to our servers. This is validated with an email id and password, plus you need to be invited as well.

Role Based Security


Users are assigned with roles when the invite is accepted. Roles are a set of rules or authorities that usually identifies your job description. This describes what you can and can't do.

API/Webserver Based Data Access


Direct connections to your database is not allowed. Instead, the API/Webserver uses your role to identify what you can and can't do. It connects directly to your database and performs the changes.

Audit Trail Logs


This feature records the exact date, time, changes, and operation made by every user. Example of operations such as Add, Save, Delete, Retrieve, etc.

Self Service Database Restore


Most service providers requires service fees for a simple database restoration. This feature is completely automated, simplified and part of the package.

Geo Database Restore


Every database has a backup located miles away from the primary database location. This backup has a 1 Hour difference and can only be restored at the time of last backup.

External Database Backup


You are allowed to take physical backups of your database. Use this to study data structures, make offline analysis, or for your own reasons.

Cloudflare Web Performance And Security


Top of the line protection against threats such as injections and identity theft with site performance enhancements.

- Benefits -

Cost Savings

  • On Cloud Technology
    • Provider hosted solution
    • No special software & hardware
    • Lower predictive expense rather than capital expenditure
    • No installation
    • Runs on any electronic device
    • Work anywhere and anytime
  • Messaging and chat reduces:
    • Fax & telephone costs
    • 1 ½ day trip to attend 1 hour meeting
    • Hotel & travel costs
    • Manpower time cost on travel
    • Meeting expenses
    • Seminar expenses
    • Losses on untoward situation by taking immediate decision
    • Security problems associated with travel
    • Recruitment costs
  • Integrated system
    • Prevents financial loss
    • Avoids wrong decision
    • Prevents inaccurate and inadequate information
    • Reconciliation activity reduced to minimum
    • Redundant activities are eliminated
    • Human errors are eliminated
    • Requires less manpower
    • Overtime is eliminated
    • Excess manpower reallocated
    • Prevents business risks
    • Penalties of Non compliance requirements eliminated
  • Paperless and file attachments reduces or prevents:
    • Paper and printing expenses
    • Manpower time in faxing and retrieving files
    • Faxing and maintenance costs
    • Constructing additional filing room
  • Future Periods and Years Posting reduces
    • Month End and Year End Workloads
    • Budget Preparation Workloads
    • Manpower time
  • Transaction Approval in the System reduces
    • Delay
    • Manpower time and cost
    • Fraud
  • Automatic Closing of Accounting Entries Upon Posting reduces
    • Month End and Year End Workloads
    • Manpower time
  • Availability of Standard Reports and Screen Inquiry reduces
    • Manpower time and cost of preparing reports
    • Delay in submission
    • Reporting expenses
  • Prevents hiring of new personnel thereby avoiding
    • Recruitment expenses
    • Salaries and benefits
    • Accommodation expenses

Improved Business Model

  • Protects profit margins
  • Brings competitive advantage to the company
  • Streamlines, integrates, automates and improves operations
  • Provides real time, accurate data & communication for faster decision making
  • Increases business visibility and connectivity
  • Increases customer loyalty due to immediate response
  • Increases stockholders and stakeholders confidence
  • Increases productivity  and shortens time to market
  • Detects business risks
  • Serves as internal control to prevent business risks
  • Achieves maximum returns on investment
  • Enhances quality of life/decreased stress
  • Perfect opportunity to discover, define, and streamline business processes and make them more effective
  • Opportunity to revise and update master data
  • Costing Accuracy. Clearly understand cost structure and identify opportunities for  improvement
  • Company data duplication is eliminated and data entry errors are minimized
  • Personnel are involved in decision-making processes via access to reporting tools.  All required decision support data can be made  available instantly and with minimum effort.
  • Improved cash management
  • Personnel becomes more efficient
  • Dashboards of Key Performance Indicators
  • Improved financial accountability, transparency and reporting
  • Lowers inventory level
  • Requested items are exactly purchased and received
  • Uninterrupted service
  • Reducing lead-times and cycle-times
  • Bad debts minimize
  • Boosting company market share

Return On Investment

  • Savings on online technology, communication, travels and manpower time is more than the cost of implementing IKONOMIKAL project
  • Increase in visibility and connectivity increases revenue and income
  • Increase in customer loyalty increases revenue and income
  • Streamlines, automates and efficient operations decreases costs, increases revenue and income
  • Faster decision making avoids costs, increases revenue and income
  • Business risks avoidance due internal control in place increases income
  • Incresse in productivity lowers cost and increases revenue and income
  • Expand global reach without overburdening employees with excessive travel that saves on cost,  increases revenue and income

- Opportunities -



Increase your marketability, stay updated, and improve management confidence. Become a professional user, and a functional consultant.



Start a consultancy or add new services to your existing firm. Receive a reasonable income on sales of user subscriptions and get all the implementation revenue (only if you're able to this on your own).

API Integration


Write or interface your software with us. Read our technical documentation and start testing with your sample database.