Who We Are

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- The Vision -

Create more jobs and have a global network of subscribers where a small company could match the analytical power and efficiency of large enterprises.

- The Mission -

  • Scholarships for the poor.
  • Freely accessible and extensive documentation of products.
  • Training and seminars.
  • Professional Certifications
  • Provide consultancy businesses to agents or existing service firms.
  • Provide 3rd party software development.
  • Deliver effective and affordable products to entrepreneurs, SMEs', and SMBs'.

- Our History -

The conception of developing a software started in 1995 based on the vision of the founder. The founder selected, supported and educated a team to form the software research and development (R&D). The software development began on 2006, which was after completing their computer science education and some corporate experience. The founder’s 3 decades of corporate experience was developed and completed into what is now the Botsys Enterprise Resource Planning and Communication (BOTSYS ERPC) in the year 2008. It was not release until the first half of 2009 due to bugs and flaws on its business process.


BCSS was later registered in the middle of 2009. Its primary purpose was to have a few customers, get their feed backs and determine the market trend. The 5 years plan and execution resulted in BOTSYS ERPC installations in 6 countries such as Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.


The BCSS R&D team has been collecting operational knowledge, implementation experiences, support and usage feed backs, and new technologies since 2009. This information was heavily discussed and consolidated that later led to the conversion of BOTSYS ERPC to a Web Application. The founder approved the development and started 1st quarter of 2014 and ended last quarter of 2015.


IKONOMIKAL was born on December 30, 2014 in the same date when the domain name www.ikonomikal.com was acquired. The name implies the word "economical" to promote affordability and opportunities to entrepreneurs, SMEs' and SMBs' and still match the requirements of holding companies and conglomerates. 

- The Founders -

Teodoro de Galicia Rolluqui


"Teddy" is the President & CEO

Botvinnik Adamas Rolluqui


"Benick" is the VP of R&D

- The Consultants -

Alexander Dizon


Financial & Functional Consultant

James Pinugu


Financial & Functional Consultant

Henry Selecios


Corporate Lawyer